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Pet Egg Tame Item Equip Item Food Item Autofeed Evolution
Poring Poring Egg Unripe Apple Backpack Apple Juice No Yes
Drops Drops Egg Orange Juice Backpack Yellow Herb No Yes
Poporing Poporing Egg Bitter Herb Backpack Green Herb No No
Lunatic Lunatic Egg Rainbow Carrot Silk Ribbon Carrot Juice No Yes
Picky Picky Egg Earthworm the Dude Tiny Egg Shell Red Herb No No
Chonchon Chonchon Egg Rotten Fish Monster Oxygen Mask Pet Food No No
Steel Chonchon Steel Chonchon Egg Rusty Iron Monster Oxygen Mask Iron Ore No No
Hunter Fly Hunter Fly Egg Monster Juice Monster Oxygen Mask Red Gemstone No No
Savage Babe Savage Babe Egg Sweet Milk Green Lace Pet Food No Yes
Baby Desert Wolf Baby Desert Wolf Egg Well-Dried Bone Transparent Head Protector Pet Food No No
Rocker Rocker Egg Singing Flower Rocker Glasses Pet Food No Yes
Spore Spore Egg Dew Laden Moss Bark Shorts Pet Food No No
Poison Spore Poison Spore Egg Deadly Noxious Herb Bark Shorts Pet Food No No
Peco Peco Peco Peco Egg Fatty Chubby Earthworm Battered Pot Pet Food No Yes
Smokie Smokie Egg Sweet Potato Red Scarf Pet Food No No
Yoyo Yoyo Egg Tropical Banana Monkey Circlet Banana Juice No Yes
Orc Warrior Orc Warrior Egg Orc Trophy Wild Flower Pet Food No Yes
Munak Munak Egg No Recipient Punisher Pet Food No No
Dokebi Dokebi Egg Old Broom Wig Pet Food No Yes
Sohee Sohee Egg Silver Knife of Chastity Golden Bell Pet Food No No
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