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Updates: July 2021 Kachua Key Items

July 2021 Kachua


July 2021 Kachua Key Items

All new Kachua's Secret Key items are here! Open up some boxes in the Cash Shop to gain Kachua Keys, which can be used to open up even more treasures!

New to the Kachua Key System? Jump to the explainer below to read all about it!

New: Each Kachua Key you receive will also give you 1 HE Battle Manual!

Here are all the items you have a chance of receiving from your Kachua Keys for this time period:
Please note that items are not listed in any particular order, and some items naturally drop at a lower rate than others.

  • Temporal Manteau Box* [jump to contents]
  • Secret Shadow Box* [jump to contents]
  • Stripe Hat*
  • Great Magician's Ceremonial Crown*
  • Scorpio Celestial Coronet*
  • Goral Crown*
  • Tempest Shadow Earring*
  • Tempest Shadow Pendant*
  • Magic Executioner Holy Water Shadow Weapon*
  • Magic Fishing Insect Shadow Weapon*
  • Magic Scissors Hunting Shadow Weapon*
  • Magic Vibration Dragon Killer Shadow Weapon*
  • Magic Exorcist Corrupt Shadow Weapon*
  • Phantom's Invitation x 3
  • Class Shadow Cube
  • Essence of Powerful Soul
  • Shadow Enhancement Box
  • Shadow Smelting Hammer
  • Refining Certificate Evelope
  • Advanced Refining Certificate Envelope
  • HE Bubble Gum x 2
  • Bloody Branch x 2
  • Yggdrasilberry Box
  • Alchemist Box

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